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The term “fibrosing lung disease” covers a wide variety of different and frequently life-threatening illnesses, some of which are more common while others are extremely rare. Since lung fibrosis can have more than 100 different causes, both the italy-med.comcorrect diagnosis and treatment are difficult and require considerable effort on the part of doctors and affected patients.

Many patients are very anxious as a result of the large number of terms and the underlying diseases in question. This web-site is thus aimed at affected patients and their loved ones, but interested doctors as well. Over the following pages, we will give you useful clinical information, links to other web-sites and contact addresses – including our special outpatient clinics – and up-to-date scientific background on “lung fibrosis”. Finally, the therapeutic measures that are currently available are listed.

We hope that many of the questions that concern you, as patients, will be answered by reading the information given here.